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Design Center


Our design center is located at 2699 Overcup Drive, which also doubles as a Model Home. This allows our team to show clients the quality, style, and finish of a quality custom Tom Watson Construction home. The building serves as our business and sales office, but more importantly, it is the source for many great ideas and design aspects.

We have a vast inventory of floor plans that we've built over the years that can be used to provide a great start on creating custom designs. We showcase many of the current products used in our homes. Our clients can actually see what would be used in the construction of their homes at our design center. Everything from brick and roofing to cabinets hardware, different styles of flooring, and overall custom features are on display. It makes the selections process so much easier by having the newest products there to choose from.


We invite you to come by our design center and start building your home on our foundation!

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