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Trading Places

Why Wait?
Build your
new home

Tom Watson Construction's Trading Places service in Conway Arkansas

Get started building
today with our
exclusive offer!

What Is Trading Places?

The Trading Places Program is simple and credible, providing you with the capacity to build today - with no delays!

The Trading Places Program also allows for easier mortgage qualification based on the fact that your current home is already SOLD.

How Does It Work?

If you currently own a “qualifying” home, [that is located in Conway, AR or Central Arkansas], Tom Watson Construction will provide a team of professionals to market your existing home. You will have the safety of knowing that if your home does not sell before your new home's construction's is completed, then Tom Watson Construction will guarantee the purchase at a pre-determined, competitive price.

This program allows for a stress free transition from start to finish!

What Are The Benefits?

The Trading Places Program eliminates the worry of having to pay for two mortgages after you finish building your new home.

The Trading Places Program makes qualifying for a mortgage much easier as your previous home is already sold.

The Trading Places Program positions a team of professionals in place to market your home for you.

And best of all... the Trading Places Program allows you to BUILD NOW!

With the Trading Places Program, you are free to focus on securing competitive mortgage rates, find your ideal home site, design your new home to meet your specific wants and needs, and choose all the finishing touches for your DREAM HOME!


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